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We work with Shopper Marketing companies to fuel their offerings with real-world behavior insights

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Strategic Consumer Segmentation

Layer a new dimension of real-world behavior to create more precise shopper segments. Discover new micro-shopper segments and customer insights by layering real-time location data.

Benefits: Drive more personalized and relevant marketing programs, promotional offerings, and in-store product selection.

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Shopper marketing strategy

Smarter Planning & Seamless Activation

Build more personalized plans and target more effectively across all distribution channels to reach the right consumer, with the right message, at pivotal decision moments. Activate shopper segments and shopper plans through Polaris Realtime DSP or any DSP of choice.

Benefits: Focus your marketing strategy and promotional efforts on the right consumer segments and against your most relevant competitors in any location at any point in time.

Measurement &
Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor store traffic in real-time to enable campaign optimization and demonstrate ROI. Generate customer traffic flow reports and store visit reports to measure campaign effectiveness by metrics such as lift or visit rate.

Benefits: Be more agile, reacting quickly to remedy  potential traffic dips or capitalize on moments of opportunity.

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Problems We Solve

By gaining more insight into customer buying patterns,
shopper marketers can better capitalize on key purchase
decision moments, helping to drive more store visits,

and to increase basket size, in-store monetization, and revenues for both brands and retailers alike.

Shopper Marketing’s
Untapped Opportunity

Today, the vast majority of retail purchases happen in store and 70% of those purchase decisions are made in the moment.

Capitalizing on in-store decision moments – by providing the right consumer, with the right offer, at the right time – stands at the core of shopper marketing.

Location data offers a new layer of real-world behavior insights for shopper marketing strategy, providing a more in-depth understanding of consumers by combining first-party mobile data and third-party data of consumer behaviors.

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